Mall madness

Mall madness is a shopping theme board game released my Milton Bradley. The original game was released in 1988, and a electronic talking version was sold in 1989. Milton Bradley updated the game in 1996 with a new design, and another update was released in 2004. This game was designed  for girls 9 and up. The targeted consumers was teenage girls, usually 11 to 16 years old. Milton Bradley made several commercials for the game. In one commercial from 1990 the camera shots showed 4 girls shopping at a real mall, and then playing the game. The mall madness slogan is, ” mall madness, it’s the mall with it all.” Their was also a Hanna Montana version as well as well for a littlest pet shop edition. The Hanna Montana version was the first vision made with a male in the front of the box. Mall madness was sold  with the following pieces; box, game board, electronic computer, instruction Manuel, four rubber pads to prevent the walls from sliding, Six plastic wall pieces, four cardboard shopping lists, Two sale signs and a clearance sign, Eight plastic spawns; Red, Blue, Yellow, Green/ both male and female, 40 Plastic pegs, Paper money (U.S. Currency), 4 Cardboard credit cards, and 29 pieces cardboard to hold the board together. Mall madness is a very fun game and I love to play it!Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland Mall MiamiCreative Commons License Phillip Pessar via Compfight



What makes a good family

To me, what makes a good family is…. When they have dinner together, play games, hang together. And just love each other. I love my family to peices and when we hang together all the time. My mom cooks the best food the we as a family eat together. My mom loves to go shopping with me. And my dad likes to play Video games with me brother. I like my family,the way we are. And if one is down, one of us would make them feel much better. I just want to say, thank you mom for having me in the best family.


ButtercupCreative Commons License Jan Hazevoet via Compfight

You all know that sloths are medium-sized mammals that are either three-toed or two-toed. They love to eat leaves and buds, and they are well known to be slow-moving animals. They are lovable because they have a cute and kind face, and pose absolutely no threat. You just look at a sloth and want to hug it and be its buddy. Here are some facts about sloths.


1) Sloths are arboreal animals. This means that they live or spend their days mainly on trees. They only come down if it is time for them to urinate or defecate, which only happens once a week.

2) It was once thought that sloths spend about 15 to 20 hours a day sleeping. It was recently discovered, however, that sloths actually only sleep around 10 hours a day.

3) They are vulnerable to predation because they urinate and defecate at the same spot each time. There have been a lot of speculations regarding this behavior. Some says it is because it is easier for them to find one another especially on mating seasons. It was also observed that they defecate near the trunk of the tree, probably to fertilize the tree, which is their source of food.

4) The two-toed and three-toed sloths are very similar in appearance, except that the two-toed sloths grow a bit bigger. Though they are similar in form and function, it’s thought that it may be a case of parallel evolution that has caused this as they aren’t actually very closely related.
5) Their main predators are eagles, snakes, and jaguars. Although they may seem very vulnerable to these animals, sloths are actually quite safe from them because they live most of their life on top of trees and their color blends well with the branches and leaves. Their sluggishness also works to their advantage because it makes them less noticeable. However, going down from their safety haven does pose a risk for predation.

6) You all know that sloths move very slow, but just how slow is it? According to experts, the average speed of a sloth is 2 meters per minute along the ground, while through trees it is slightly faster, 3 meters per minute. They move faster when they are in danger from a predator, but at 4 meters per minute, it is unlikely that they can outrun a jaguar and so they go into a defense mode, which consists of biting, slashing, and shrieking.

7) Algae grow on their fur which makes them the only green mammals though the color isn’t their own. This algae provides a camouflage for them to avoid predators. However, aside from algae, a host of other non-parasitic insects can sometimes live on their fur, like cockroaches and beetles.

8) The sloths’ diet, consisting mainly of leaves, provides them with very little energy and nutrition. This is why they move very slowly to conserve the energy in their body. In addition, their bodies react to this low-energy diet by slowing down its metabolic rate and lowering its temperature.
9) Three-toed sloths are now becoming extinct and studies have shown that is not because of predators, but due to humans’ intervention in their habitat. If left in the wild, sloths can successfully live for up to 20 years.
10) Sloths are the cutest animals in the world. Okay, that might not be a “fact” per se, but you know it’s true.

What I did over spring break

SLOTH SANCTUARY | COSTARICA90Creative Commons License mac_filko via Compfight


My spring break was amazing. On the first day of spring break which was Friday, good Friday! My best friend had her birthday party. It was so fun. We went to crazy pinz and went bowling and laser tag. We ate pizza their. At her house we did not stay up late because we had to go help out on to MDA thing going on, at the corner of CVS in Georgetown. I held a sign bring people in to help donate.

On Monday me and my family went out to dinner, it was very fun. We planned that on Tuesaday we were going to go bowling at Gerogetown Bowl. We did on Tuesday. I won.

On wensday I spent the night at my best friend’s house, Makayla. I spent the night there and we went karaoke at crazy pinz. The crowd was very loud we we rap to Baby got back. I danced.

On Friday we drove to Cincinnati Ohio to go to there zoo and to meet family. I got to pet my faviort animal the world, a sloth. The sloth was super cute. I wanted to take him home. I got to feed him a banana and pet him. He was super adorable.

On Satureday we went back home and I stayed in for Satureday and Sunday. My spring break was awsome. I wish to do it again. I want to meet another sloth so bad.


Informative essay: The Python Problem

Would you ever let your wild let back into the while,when you don’t want it anymore? Well, that’s what is happening in the Florida Everglades. They are letting out a reptile that can grow up to 23 feet long and can weigh up to 200 pounds. This reptile is called the Burmese Python.

The Burmese Python, who would grow up to 23 feet long and weigh up to 200 pounds. The Burmese Python “who is naive to the grassy marshes in South Asia, is one of the most largest snakes in the world.” People would buy the Pythons because of their beautiful skin and rapid growth.

In the grassy marshes of South Asia, the Burmese Python would mainly survive on small birds or mammals. Burmese Pythons have no natural predators. So the pythons are swooping out the animal population in the Everglades. “With no natural preditors, these eating machine seem to be wiping out large amounts of local animals” it states in the Florida newspaper.

Since the Python problem was a man made, “to address the Python problem, the wild life commission is holding up the first ever Python challenge in the Everglades” says the Florida newspaper. People would buy the pythons and then release them into the wild. The only reason people would buy the pythons is because of their rapid growth rate and their beautiful skin pattern. People all over the country are comeing to the Everglades to kill the pythons.

Smaller animals are disappearing in the Everglades, from the Python problem. “Tens of thousands of pythons are living in the Everglades,” says the EcoEchoes blog. Florida must do a better job to get rid of the pythons.

In conclusion, the Python problem in the Everglades is the being handled by the Python challenge. Just make sure to wear a bullet proof vest during the Python challenge.


Should people take safety precautions to climb the highest peak?

     People who decide, to take the risk to climb Mount Everest may decide to turn back. Well their is o turning back when your 5,000 feet up from the Earth’s ground. When you get stuck in a crevasse, you think that a phone call, or helicopter ride would save you. But that is not the case.

     It is very risky to climb the highest peak. “A climbing ranger, fell 3,700 feet to his death,” it stated in the Seattle times news paper. The ranger was attempting to save two other climbers who fell into the crevasse. Why sacrifice a humans life for others, who make this choice?

     People who want to climb Everest do take risks. Many deaths occur in the mountains. It states in the article”Why Everest?” that “two hundred dead bodies remain on the mountain.” This is ether rescue teams did not come in time, or they fell to their deaths.

     In a radio interview, Nick Heil wrote a book on helicopter rescues in Everest. It states in the radio interview that “the air altitude in the mountains is to thin for the helicopters.” Nick also stated that “it is very expensive to buy helicopters for Everest rescues.” So as it stated it is very dangerous for helicopter operators and climbers.

     The ranger who fell 3,700 feet to his death, his name was Nick Hall. Nick’s family is hoping for better safety precautions to happen on Everest. But it is very risky and expensive to put more safety precautions on Everest.

     So, if you want t climb mount Everest. Maybe you should take some extra safety gear with you on your trip to the highest peak. There wont be a helicopter or phone call to save you maybe. Be very cautious on your journey to the highest peak.